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About us

Blue Ensign Technologies Limited is an Australian unlisted public company which holds two significant assets:

First, it owns the international patents and all other intellectual property of the innovative RENDALL process technology for production of pipelineable synthetic crude oil (SCO) from kerogen in oil shale.

The RENDALL process has a number of major advantages over existing oil shale processing technologies, namely:

  • approximately double the yield of high-quality synthetic crude oil than from retorting technologies
  • environmentally benign with no toxic waste of effluent and minimal need, if any, for process water
  • no limitations on scale up to large units.

Secondly, it holds a 100% interest in Mining Development Licences over the richest portion of a large oil shale deposit near Julia Creek in Northwest Queensland. Blue Ensign has total Indicated and Inferred JORC Resources of 895 million barrels of shale oil based on Modified Fischer Assays, and potentially equivalent to 1.5-2 billion barrels of synthetic crude oil by the high-yield RENDALL process.