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Corporate Profile

Blue Ensign Technologies Limited was floated in 1999 as an information technology company.  Its line of business and its management were changed radically in 2006, when a reverse takeover was made by Australian Thermal Solutions Pty Ltd (ATS), a company set up to hold the Rendall process intellectual property and the Julia Creek oil shale tenement.  It was suspended from quotation by the ASX from 2001 until July 2010, when it was delisted.


Issued Capital

127,532,628 fully-paid ordinary shares

53,849,967 options and warrants

Substantial Shareholders

JSG-A (Rendall Family)50,500,000  36.9%
Ciotti Family  21,050,00016.5%
Directors & Key Staff (Exc. Frank Ciotti) 15,950,000 12.9%